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Portable Cordless Heating Pad

Portable Cordless Heating Pad

Instant relief and comfort from menstrual, back and abdomen pain

This grapahene based heating pad takes care like a BFF with instant relief from period cramps.
3 heating modes and 4 vibration modes lets you carry on with your daily routine without a worry.
It's innovative and portable design lets you travel without a worry.

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Relieves menstural pain

This device helps relax muscles and increases blood circulation to provide instant relief
Graphene Heating

This technology lets the device heat faster, over a larger area coverage, without causing discomfort
Adjustable Modes

You can adjust the temperature between 50-60 degree as per your requirement

There are 4 high frequency vibration modes for better comfort

The waist band can be adjusted as per waist size
Ergonomic Design

The product is portable and sleek, letting you carry out your regular work

The product's inner lining is smooth for better care

How it works

Warm heating pad belt: Graphene heating technology makes it possible to heat quickly, easily reach abdominal depth and maintain abdominal warmth in special periods.
Three Warm Massage Settings: With temperatures at 50 Β°C, 55 Β°C, and 60 Β°C, adjustable vibration frequency and ongoing massage and the device can promote blood circulation, relax the body and effectively relieve discomfort.
Easy to Use: Rechargeable battery and a wireless heating pad allow you to easily free your hands


1. Charge: Ensure full battery by connecting to a power source.
2. Power on & set temperature: Press power, choose 50Β°C, 55Β°C, or 60Β°C for warmth.
3. Activate massage mode: Adjust the vibration frequency to your liking for a personalized massage experience.
4. Hands-free comfort: Secure around abdomen, enjoy warmth and massage without cords

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Device Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the heating pad belt suitable for all body types?

Yes, the adjustable strap is designed to accommodate various waist sizes.

Is the product backed by a warranty?

Yes you get 6 months warranty with the product

How long does the battery last on a full charge?

Full battery charge lasts for 2 hours

Can I use the heating pad belt for purposes other than relieving discomfort during special periods?

Yes, you can use the product daily at lower temperature setting for back relaxation
This product can also be used like a hot water bag at target pain areas

Is it safe to fall asleep with the heating pad on?

The Growth Verse Heating Pad is equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, which ensures it turns off after a specified period, typically 15-30 minutes. While it's generally safe to use this pad for relaxation before sleep, it's not recommended to leave it on all night. Falling asleep with it on could lead to overheating or discomfort.

How do I clean and maintain the heating pad?

To clean the heating pad, disconnect it from the power source and wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Avoid immersing it in water or using harsh chemicals. Store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. Regularly inspect the pad and its components for any signs of wear or damage to ensure safe and effective use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I travel a lot for work, and dealing with period pain on the road can be tough. This device is lightweight, portable, and has been a lifesaver during my travels. It’s compact enough to fit in my bag,

Priya sen
its work

I travel a lot for work, and dealing with period pain on the road can be tough. This device is lightweight, portable, and has been a lifesaver during my travels. It’s compact enough to fit in my bag,

best for mestrural time

This pain relief belt is exceptional, and I genuinely adore it. I highly recommend purchasing it.

Very useful

Experience immediate relief from menstrual cramps with adjustable temperature buttons and a skin-friendly soft back layer.

Payal Kumari
must have product

Truly, this product is incredible and has proven immensely beneficial to me. I absolutely adore it.

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